The Bio-emotional is an amazing magnet therapy from 1988 discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran of Mexico, which in short periods of time manages to eliminate microbes such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Also in the physical realm the Bio-emotional balances the functioning of the endocrine glands, while in the emotional area prints a more positive mood change in most patients, releasing stress and seeking greater energy force.

Consequently Bio-emotional conducive various levels of improvement in a variety of diseases, especially in chronic, autoimmune the origin and of unknown causes.

The Bio-emotional to correct distortions of pH (measure of acidity or alkalinity) provides the biochemical area of ​​health, but also involves a biophysicist, energy, electromagnetic field of human life, whose importance when cure has been slighted by the official medical research, which seeks improvements to diseases preferably in the biochemical area, through pharmaceutical remedies.

How are you chances of healing from the biophysical environment are not well treated in middle or higher education, the new paradigm that represents the Bio-emotional is difficult to understand from academic health professionals, and consequently this ignorance extends to the most people.

Although the empirical findings of Dr. Goiz in its origins and causes consistent with recent findings of some great scientists, however he managed to structure a simple method that in practice multiple ailments get cured in a significant percentage of cases, and that's which seeks the large number of patients seeking better solutions to their chronic ailments.

Therefore this simple technique Bio-emotional can learn anyone, even without academic training in areas of health, however it is possessed of a great spirit of service, compassion for human suffering and desire to work hard to also heal in the physical, emotional and spiritual.


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